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d21lewis said:

Darn multi-quote!


Looking at my PS4 library, quite a few games I've purchased for my current hardware are games I've owned last gen:

-Nathan Drake Collection

-Tomb Raider 2013

-Beyond Two Souls

-God of War 3

-Batman Arkham Asylum

-Batman Arkham City

-The Last of Us


These are games I own. Not just a list of games. I'm probably forgetting a few. These are games I've owned before on PS3 and purchased a second time on PS4. It only gets worse if you factor in my Xbox One games! I've repurchased games like Bioshock 1-3 and Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6. 

Last gen games have actually aged pretty well and I've probably got over 150 games that guy the backwards comp treatment. I know I'm in the minority but nothing is giving me more joy right now than replaying the entire Batman Arkham series on my Xbox One. I even stopped playing certain new high profile exclusives until I'm finished!

BC isn't a game changer and it might not even matter to a lot of people but I abuse the heck out of it. To me, a good game is a good game. I just want to play it when I can play it.

Buying remastered games on updated hardware really doesn't qualify as backwards compatibility as the game as been remade for the newer hardware. BC, by definition, is using current hardware to run software that was made for previous/old hardware and not using an emulator.