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Managed to get a few games in and damn is it good! They weren't lying when they said there's a good deal of strategy and depth to this game! The different shot types do more than simply change the color of the ball's trail, and charging them up is also pretty important. Though I've learned the hard way that trick shots are not to be made frequently hehe.

The added layer in Zone moves indeed doesn't overcentralize the game and aren't auto-win buttons. While Zone Speed can be used whenever letting you hit shots you wouldn't have otherwise due to your mistake, doing so means you'll have less gauge to counter their Zone Shots. Additionally, you can potentially win the whole match with just 2 Special shots, but that's only if your opponent allows it. Unless they absolutely have to try and block, they can give up the point but leave you with little energy gauge left.

I have never owned a Mario Tennis game before (though I've played a little of the N64 one), but that's definitely gonna change now. Still not sure if I'll get it day one, but eventually for sure! Well those are my quick thoughts, feel free to share yours aswell!