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pxrocks said:

No body is forcing u to buy those games or stopping u from selling ur PS4. Ms and playstation has very different wants to focus more on features and online services.they want to sqeez everything out of their install base.on the hand PlayStation is only focusing on games and they are going to expand their gaming library through new IP.they don't give damn about backward compat because bc didn't do shit for ps3 and it won't do anything for xbox.theres a reason Xbox1 getting smoked by ps4 and that's reason is not backward features.

I also very much doubt that backwards compatibility is helping the X1's sales figures. I had a PS3 with the BC chip built in and I think I used it once in 10 years.

BC sounds like a great idea, but the vast majority of people don't use that feature and Microsoft is just using it to distract gamers from the fact the X1 lacks decent new IPs. Maybe this is a better example. Windows PCs are largely backwards compatible. How many PC gamers regularly, like on a weekly basis, load up Half Life, or Doom onto their PC to play it. Even if the PC gamer has the newest and best graphics card, I very much doubt they regularly play Doom on their all powerful PC. They play the latest games, more regularly, than they do BC games. I'm sure some PC gamers play BC games every once in a while. I sometimes like to load up Syndicate, but that wave of nostalgia hits me every 5 or more years. I really hope that Sony don't jump on the BC band wagon. Their strategy of providing compelling new IPs and better quality games is working.