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The_Liquid_Laser said:
pxrocks said:

If u care about bc that much then u should play on bc priority over new games is backward thinking.

I would agree if the PS4 actually had a good library.  It kind of sucks.  I mean I read multiple threads on this site praising Shadow of Colossus, for example, when it was released on PS4.  If the PS4's library is so good, then why are so many people praising Shadow of Colossus?  Don't they have better games than this one that came out two generations ago?  Guess not.

There are a lot of great PS2 and PS3 games that I don't want to buy again.  If Sony expects me to buy them again on PS4, then I'll just sell the PS4 and play the older versions of the game

No body is forcing u to buy those games or stopping u from selling ur PS4. Ms and playstation has very different wants to focus more on features and online services.they want to sqeez everything out of their install base.on the hand PlayStation is only focusing on games and they are going to expand their gaming library through new IP.they don't give damn about backward compat because bc didn't do shit for ps3 and it won't do anything for xbox.theres a reason Xbox1 getting smoked by ps4 and that's reason is not backward features.