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VGPolyglot said:
You know what, trophies are actually a pretty effective deterrent to modding your console. I have a modded PS3 but am hesitant to play PS3 games on it because if I do I won't get the trophies And I assume the same for the PS4.

Of course you get the trophies, why wouldn't you?

Best thing about hacked PS4 is backwards compatibility. Turns out the PS4 already has a full fletched PS2 emulator on board. Sony just decided not to give it to people. Because fuck them, that's why. =P

Personally, I just use two PS4. Got my old launch model which I didn't update since over a year for hacks and for all that online stuff and games that require 5.05+ firmware, I just use the Pro. If you have the chance, give homebrew a try. It's awesome.

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