shikamaru317 said:
Nem said:
Can only hope. Star wars has been ruined in this Kathleen woman's hands. Now it needs to be rebooted or it will keep going downhill.

I didn't think i'd see the day Star Trek would be in better hands than Star wars. Sucessful and enjoyable new movies and series. Star wars is garbage now.

You're kidding me right. Star Trek is in worse shape for sure. Yeah, the TLJ sucks, but the other 3 Disney Star Wars movies are all better than the rebooted Star Trek movies, and Star Wars Rebels was much better than Star Trek Discovery. JJ took a series that was known for focusing on deep storylines, moral dilemmas, and character development and turned it into a vapid series of summer action flicks. And Discovery is even worse, in addition to the fact that it continues the movies' trends of focusing on action over story, they completely ruined the visual design. It's sad that The Orville, a low budget series that was designed to both spoof and honor TNG era Star Trek, is better than Star Trek Discovery and the new movies. 


At least we have star trek discovery. season 1 was fun to watch. I was skeptical but in the end it won me over.