Pretty surprised this thread is still going on tbh. I mean the Battlefield trailer probably revived it. But there's like 50 different topics now so oh well.

the-pi-guy said:
Aeolus451 said:

There's studies that support Ka-pi96's post. Men and women have different preferences. That is likely the real reason why there's rarely any equal representation between women and men in the vast majority of jobs.

Women do have different preferences.

But most Liberals will argue that the reason for those different preferences are largely due to cultural influences.  

Do you think having a boy grow up with Barbie's would probably have differences from a boy who grew up with toy cars? 

This is true. Nature vs Nurture is a rather classic sociological debate and the answer is somewhere in the middle. But discounting the absolutely massive influence socialization has is pretty premature, to put it lightly.