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DonFerrari said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

1.You have a link for Pokemon marketing cost?

2.Labo price is more about marketing cost and it definitely no cheap

3.Cheaper and also have worse resolution/fps than other systems, right?

4.So you are agreeing a system like Vita is a bit overpriced. Well, you should go to Gematsu site to see how many Sony fans will say anything to defend vita's price and bash 3ds like it is the only system that overpriced

1 - He gave the link, to wikipedia. Not sure why you are asking me source for others claim.

2 - Labo price is about Nintendo decision. Still his claim that Labo cost the same as GoW to be made is wrong. And we have no source for marketing cost of GoW or Labo, and from what I collect Labo didn't have the same push as Pokemon, Mario or Zelda to guess they have same marketing cost, also, GoW isn't some unmarketed game.

3 - Resolution yes, fps I don't know the others, PSVR gets to 120fps but of course most games will only do 60fps because PS4 isn't strong enough. Your point? You may think it is expensive (I don't, but perception is fair here) at 249 it is seldomly sold at this time but it is hard to say it's overpriced when competitors are more expensive.

4 - Is here Gematsu? Am I defending PSVita? Are people in VGC defending it? Have a no for the 3? So what does that have to do with the topic?

Shouldn't you instead be talking to Duduspace about his claims that Labo cost as much as GoW and his claim made without any significant source or arguments? Or did you preffer to come after me because Duduspace is favoring Nintendo while I'm criticizing?

2. I did not make such a claim as you state so please stop misrepresenting my position, you still have not said what the actual cost of making GoW is so you can't really claim that it cost more to develop than Labo. The cost of making a game or making something with physical components like Labo goes beyond just the cost of writing code or making pre-rendered or in-game animations.

The crux of the argument/discussion is that Labo is overpriced and you have not succeeded in proving that so stop the smokes and shadow distractions and claiming I said things I didn't say. It is all well and good if you want to believe GoW costs more to make than Labo (even if you have no data to prove it either way than extrapolating the costs of making GoW3 either reasonably or unreasonably), you however have not provided information about other costs that went into making and marketing the game. All you have given are development costs.

Note: Thanks for putting me in yur Sig, despite its obvious pettiness, it is quite flattering.

Last edited by duduspace1 - on 27 May 2018