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Chazore said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

lol, PUBG is still going to sell millions when it launches on PS4. Blame Sony and their lackluster early access program, assuming they even have one yet. Has anything besides Ark launches in early access on PS4? Just curious. It’s no surprise they went with MS, it makes good business sense for them. Same with Darwin Project. Same as all the indies that struck deals with PS4 when the gen started, MS made it very easy with their shitty indie policies.

I’ve had this downloaded on my PC for awhile but never got around to trying it. Maybe I’ll give the PS4 beta a whirl.

I do find it just a tad funny how this whole "pub lost" chanting is making it sound like PS4>Xbox/PC/mobile, when really PC sold a lot of PuB, made a lot offFN, and mobile is simply raking it in on both games. 

This. PUBG on steam has a concurrent player base of 1.2-2m throughout the afternoon and evening on steam.

The game also has 60ml daily users on mobile. 50m in China and 10m WW.

The game is also #2 on xbox most played right behind Fortnite.

PUBG is doing really really well. I don't understand all this PUBG is doomed talk.