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Medisti said:
m0ney said:

Damn that is some scary looking transgender person, you can see devil in their eyes.

Notice the use of unrelated sentences to imply correlation. "He supported gamergate. He died of cancer."

I wouldn't wish death even on these people, but what kind of monster are you to be so heartless just because of someone's political stance. 

Anonymity allows people a feeling of disconnect. That... thing... probably only feels the way it does because it has created a disconnect with reality. In short, you and I are people. But when you're talking to people over the internet, they become avatars and screen names. They become something that was never really there anyway... so some people act like fucks when things like this happen.

If you want something to make yourself feel better, just remember that the driving force behind their behavior is deep seeded insecurity and self-hate. They most certainly had a bad childhood and are having an even worse adulthood.