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I was looking around for more information on Dreams and I found myself looking into LBP. I haven't played much of LBP but all I took from it was that I didn't like the controls. The creation part was way out of my element. But then I found out that you don't have to just make levels based on LBP assets, and that you can create/import/export assets from other games and literally code your own game logic. And I found this:

Super Mario Bros. in LBP2, recreated down to the pixel with the right mechanics and everything. My question is, could I theoretically do the same for Super Mario 64 in Dreams? I hear the logic and programming is far superior and of course you can sculpt anything, but could you create Mario 64's mechanics with his backflip, triple jump, long jump, side flip, wall jump, with the exact right momentum? With the right animations?