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Ka-pi96 said:

Haha what do you want to see ;)

Well I was only aiming for your top GTA games, but if there's more you want to show...

Anyways, mine are

1. GTA 5
One of the best games I've ever played and certainly the best GTA game. A huge open world with plenty to do, some really enjoyable story missions (especially the heists which are awesome!) and just generally fun gameplay with the shooting, explosions and cars and everything.

2. GTA San Andreas
Like #5 there's a tonne to do here. It hasn't aged particularly well, but when I replayed it last year it was still a lot of fun.

3. GTA 4
Another GTA that I replayed last year. I think it gets too much criticisim these days, it really was a huge leap forward in many aspects over the PS2 GTAs. The open world isn't the best, but the gameplay and missions are still eally enjoyable.

Nah no homo xD

I like that someone else likes GTA 4 too though, in my opinion and contrary to yours the open world was the real star of the show and the missions were dull. They were mostly drive from one place to another. Liberty City though was fabulous. I've even written an extensive review of GTA 4 and EFLC on my website.