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JRPGfan said:
Barkley said:
The 79m figure is shipped as of march 31st 2018, this lines up perfectly with their forecast.

Its not sold through? I assumed it was, and a guy on resetera said "So for Sony, we have actual MAU, shipment and sell through numbers? Nice"

Nah, the last sales to consumer figure we got was 73.6m as of December 31st 2017. They shipped 19m units last FY bringing the total number of shipments to 79m as of March 31st 2018.

This information is basically just a repeat of what they already released last month.

Also the 80m+ MAU may include PS3/Vita users, after all not everyone is going to be connected to the internet, and not everyone is going to connect every month. Though equally there can be multiple users per console too, so regardless even if they gave us the exact figure we couldn't extrapolate much from it.

Last edited by Barkley - on 22 May 2018