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John2290 said:
FentonCrackshell said:
If Sony has a strong E3 I'll be surprised. What more can Sony possibly have in store that we don't yet know about? Nintendo's E3 will be lauded if they only show a few things. If Nintendo shows a new Smash Bros. then that's all is needed. I'm not sure what Microsoft can do at this point to win people over. With all honesty I can't imagine how anyone can say X1 is in a better position than PS4 at the moment. And yes, there are folks out there who truly believe this.

Indeed. Nintendo need to throw all their chips in right now if they want to keep on track to what they've projected. 

No they dont, people are saying same thing for Nintendo presentation in January last year and for E3 last year. Nintendo is focusing on games that will be released in near future, they even said this E3 will be focused on 2018. games, simple because they can always show some games in any Direct in later date.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 22 May 2018