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TheBird said:
Microsoft is going to rock the stage with Horizon 4 like they did in 2016 with Horizon 3. Especially if the game is in Japan like rumored. But this E3 won't change much for the current Xbox situation.

Sony seems to be doing the same old same old with their 10 hours short, $80 overpriced player once single player games.

Nintendo would need to show off some titles for later this year, if they don't it will be troubling, the first half of the year for them has been crap really with not so fun titles coming out. Need some real games like Pokemon and Smash bros coming out faster.
This is the biggest E3 for the Switch imo to see how the future of it will hold up in the casual audience.

Haven't seem a Sony game announced for more than 60 USD as far as I remember, and also most of their games I put at least 30h... 12-16h on the first pass of the story and another 14-18h to get the platinum.

But I get it isn't your cup of tea and that MS will win the E3 by showing a Forza iteration.

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