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Cobretti2 said: 

How much extra would you pay vs say the game on PS4 for a good port/simultaneous new release of a AAA game that fits fully on the cart?


$5?, $10?, $15?, $20? Other explain?

in the case of a AAA game $0. I already have to pay almost 100$ CDN (after taxes) to buy these games, i'm not gonna go higher then that especially if it's only so it's on the cart. It would have to be a good ass game that gets tons of awesome support equal to PS4 for me to buy. I honestly don't care whether I have to download 75% of the game as long it's price parity. In the cases of Smaller titles that cost $30 or $40 CDN (before tax) and the switch version cost a bit more I can accept that. I draw the line at having games cost Labo price.


Side questions:


  • Does the size of the game factor in your decision how much extra you would pay?
  • Do you think Nintendo can do better with these cart prices? e.g. wear the cost
  • Do you think Nintendo should be stricter with release requirements and carts that have to be used?


  • No. I don't care about the size and never really think about it.
  • They could, but I don't think they should or need to.
  • Nope, if it gets better third party support and is not too cost inefficient for either party involved then it's OK. i don't think average consumer cares about downloads anyway.


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