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Burning Typhoon said:
Except none of those are the selling points or reasons why people play overwatch. "OMG, guys! No campaign mode, and lootboxes! I can't wait!" You also don't have to buy any new characters as DLC, nor the stages, and can earn loot boxes for free, but let's just forget about that to keep your argument from falling apart.

Have you considered that if something something sounds too stupid to be true, you might have misunderstood it? In this case, the person here seems to wish Overwatch failed so it couldn't popularize lootboxes and the lack of campaign. It's not the consumers but the publishers that started liking lootboxes and thinking not having a campaign is viable (at least particially) because of Overwatch. That, I think, is the argument here. In other words, the argument seems to be that without Overwatch, we wouldn't have those two things or at least they'd be smaller.