If GoW can push PS4 this much after 4 years on the market, Pokémon will push the Switch significantly. I don't think we can question Nintendo's estimate.

On another note, I don't get why people defend the sales of a console by the lack of games. Games is what make a system and lack of games is a weakness of a console and not an excuse. Switch is selling Ok but for the last few months people feel the need to defend the Switch by claiming the lack of games.

Indeed, I have to agree it's ridiculous, but is also ridiculous people trying to invalidate a side by side comparison with PS4 to continue with their doom and gloom narrative just bc it was $100 more expensive. Like if during its 2 year, PS4 was in such a huge disavantage  bc of its $400 price tag compared to switch $300 right now... How was the competition for PS4 during that time? Guess this would be a better putting than talk about the lack of AAA games.

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