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John2290 said: 
konnichiwa said:

Devs choose themself, some games are one hour only, it is basically a demo and I don't get what is wrong with demo's?

Yes but you can buy those games now and they aren't cut off from you by months in between. Any other game like an MP shooter or something more easily accessible but Divinity requires investment. First of all the three hours will get you abdolutely no where and if you do decide to buy, You can't simply play for 20 hours ,leave 3 months in between and expect to get back into the game so easily. You'd have restart and then your whole game might go a different direction. They misunderstood the game genre here for this type of service. Again, it's completely nonsensical and I don't know why Larian would agree to this unless it was bucketfulls of money

Not really their were plenty of beta's/demo's where people spend hours and even days (Nioh) and then people have to wait for months, it is not uncommon and that's how it also went on PC.   Secondly Larian put some extra stuff in the early access game that we haven't seen before.  You will come accross a character Billy the early access guy who will aks you questions about the early access version, and typically Larian if you don't like him you can just kill him but he will interrogate you again later in the game as an undead.   honestly just wait or play it now with this conditions it isn't really a issue for me.