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kurasakiichimaruALT said:
Yerm said:
NO. let me give you a brief rundown of how to write a character. first, the character has to be necessary to the story that is being told. second, the character's physical appearance is designed based on what role they play within the story. third, the character's personality is determined based on their place in the world of the story. fourth, you need to decide how the character would react to each situation the story would put them in.

now lets do a rundown for those two properties you mentioned, "female" and "gay".
1. it is extremely rare for any story to require a gay character, except if the story revolves around accepting diversity, which GTA does not. being female on the other hand is a tricky spot, since the criminal underworld is in a male majority.
2. people do not necessarily "look" gay unless they act according to gay stereotypes. and there are just as many ways to design a female character as there are for male characters.
3. neither "female" or "gay" are traits that affect a character's personality.
4. again, since "female" and "gay" are not personality traits, they play no role in how a character would react to the situations that would occur in a GTA game.

hopefully with this, you can see why a gay female character does not need to be in a GTA game, and why it would be complicated to do so

There are so many wrong things with this post that I am not going to bother answering back all that you said.

Neither "female" or "gay" are traits that affects a characters personality.

What an eyeroll.

if that is the case and there is no difference, why do they need to be represented?