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kurasakiichimaruALT said:

1. Strippers/prostitutes can have side jobs. Strippers can be oversexed, normal or undersexed Whatever. Some women could even appear less attractive without their make up/mascara and hair done. Did you know that?

2. Women can fight. It doesn't matter if men are stronger. It's just videogames. Even GTA as a concept doesn't make sense. Don't take it seriously. Lol

3. What consensus? What outlandish statements that are illogical? I never made one so far. Is it trolling to say that GTA can sell like hot cakes even if they have a female/gay protagonists?

1) What.

2) Then why don't you take a piece of your own advice and don't take the game so seriously? Let the developers do with it as they please, and don't force in protagonists just for sake of diversity.

3) For one, the consensus in the very poll you posted, in which there is a 64:0 vote differential against your proposal. Secondly, you compared GTA V, a game with high acclaim to the Twilight saga, a subpar book/movie series. And finally, you make asinine statements like point 1. What is that? It doesn't even make any sense.