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kurasakiichimaruALT said:

1. Strippers/prostitutes can have side jobs. Strippers can be oversexed, normal or undersexed Whatever. Some women could even appear less attractive without their make up/mascara and hair done. Did you know that?

2. Women can fight. It doesn't matter if men are stronger. It's just videogames. Even GTA as a concept doesn't make sense. Don't take it seriously. Lol

3. What consensus? What outlandish statements that are illogical? I never made one so far. Is it trolling to say that GTA can sell like hot cakes even if they have a female/gay protagonists?

its as if with every reply your argument deteriorates further and further. try actually making a case for GTA needing to have a gay female protagonist instead of just abstracting your same few points into obscurity. you are suggesting a game centering around a gay female protagonist who works as a stripper, and then as a "side job" works as a spy that also knows how to fight. none of that even remotely resembles a GTA game. the characters in GTA dont have jobs, they work in the criminal underground. there are also no spies in GTA at all. there have been drug dealers, gang members, thiefs, bank robbers, etc. things that you see in the criminal underground. spies work AGAINST those things. i also think youll find that there is very little fighting in GTA. you shoot guns and run people over. occasionally you punch and kick, but thats really it.

what im saying is that your idea would not work as a GTA game, hell im not sure it would even work as a game. overall it just sounds like a dulled down, less interesting version of Bayonetta.