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kurasakiichimaruALT said:

1. True. I do not deny that.


Women are capable of doing what the male GTAV protagonists are doing good or bad. I don't see any reason for exclusivity when a solid story and gameplay is all I need for my GTA fix.

3. Is it the rule here to tell people you disagree with as trolls?


This article says, that women who are overemotional or oversexed should/would not be recruited as spies, which eliminates prostitutes from the equation. Now, I don't say GTA can't have a female character, but it'd be pointless if she'd be a spy, as it would change the game's working formula. Rockstar doesn't need that, at the risk of alienating it's buyers. GTA should remain GTA. So, that being said - if it fits into the storyline, they can make a female protagonist, but not because there should be a female protagonist because of inclusivity.

Now, you said that women are capable of everything that male protagonists are capable of doing. It should be pointed out, that there's inherent physical differences between men and women - especially in strength. As you know, there is hand-to-hand combat in the games, so there's your difference. Of course, it could be reduced by a martial arts training of sorts, but let's not dive into specifics. 

3. No, but making multiple outlandish statements that go strongly against the consensus, is at least illogical and points strongly towards trolling.