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Kaneman! said:
kurasakiichimaruALT said:

Strippers are already incorporated in GTA you know. Women also makes great spies. Rockstar only needs to further develop the characters beyond that of a piece of meat and we have a good story better than twilight must say 100%. GTAV wasn't even great. Lol

1) Yes, both strippers and prostitutes are incorporated into GTA, but not as player characters.

2) Women may make great spies (or to cite you "where are your facts to support that"), but GTA is no spy/stealth game - it's GTA.

3) Seems like you're implying that GTA V was somehow worse than Twilight, so I regard this as a sad trolling attempt from now on.

1. True. I do not deny that.


Women are capable of doing what the male GTAV protagonists are doing good or bad. I don't see any reason for exclusivity when a solid story and gameplay is all I need for my GTA fix.

3. Is it the rule here to tell people you disagree with as trolls?

If someone asks why I'm using an alt account, CGI and Truckusaurus got me a temp approval until I get my iconic and notorious "kurasakiichimaru" account back. :p