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Megiddo said:
Nuvendil said:

Another game not being brought up is Yokai Watch 4. It will do little in the States but will be big for Japan. How big, we'll have to see.

Also for some who don't remember, the Wii U had Smash Bros. It's not the end-all-be-all system seller, especially if the NSW Smash Bros is just a port with a bit of new content.

Wii U also had 3D Mario, MK8,  Mario Maker and Splatoon, but all those games come on Wii U when Wii U was already considered for fail and they couldn't change much, but those game are selling Switch units. Also, it seems that Smash Bros for Switch is new game not just port with new content.


Metroid33slayer said:
It wont sell 20 million at the rate it's selling even accounting for a big holiday boost. sony predicts 16 million for the fiscal year and its tracking above the switch for a few months so even 16 million will be tough for the switch.

Offcourse it want at this rate, but with more relases and bigger games it will start selling better esapcily in second half of year when we will have games like Smash Bros, most likly Pokemon and Fire Emblem with some other games. Switch sold 3m in January-March period without big releases,with more relases and bigger games can sell only better. Also Nintendo always can start realsing bundles (console is still selling for $299 whitout game), Black Friday deal and even price cut if its needed one. Saying that Switch want reach 20m just because Sony forecasted 16m for PS4 and had best April from launch because of GoW launch, dont make too much sense.



Nautilus said:
I dont see how people are worried about this.Not yet anyway.A clear sign of why the Switch sold "low" numbers in April is easily explained:Lack of a compelling software launched on that month.Mario, Zelda and XC2 are all big games, but they cant keep pushing the system forever(even though they are the ones that are mostly carrying the sales this first half of the year).And I mean, just look at march.The Switch sold MUCH better that month because it had a new compelling software launching that month: Kirby.And mind you, it was not the best Kirby game ever released.

Now consider the second half of the year launching with Smash, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Pokemon potentially between end of the year and somewhere early next year, and whatever new title Nintendo announces at E3, and you have one hell of a lineup going July foward.Not to mention that third party will tend to get better as the Switch gets older.Also, you have Yokai Watch 4 in Japan releasing this year, and even though the series is in decline, its still relevant.

There is so much stuff going in favor of the system that I wouldnt worry about reaching that milestone.

They are not, most of them just using this not good month for Switch like reason to be negative about future Switch sales.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 18 May 2018