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Stuart23 said:
When I was young, Child's Play scared the SHIT out of me and my brother. My brother to this day still are traumatized from toys (He is 31 lol) and Signs too,still love that one. Also The Thing (the original), I watched not that long ago and I wasn't that scared from a movie in a long time.

Was looking for this comment. Child's Play is my favorite. First movie I remember (one of my first memories when I was 3 or 4), and I was terrified. My dad let us watch it and my mother was so upset with him lol. Watched a lot of horror after that, but as a kid, nothing scared me like that little ginger killer doll. Now no movies scare me, but enjoy the horror genre for its camp and gore.


Chucky is the best. Going to get the Good Guy Doll this December through a kickstarter that used movie studio molds!