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Mandalore76 said:
ThatDreamcastTho said:

The vita didn't have a 54.2% hardware failure rate and a horrid controller that requires alkaline batteries.

The 360's controllers could be powered by rechargeable batteries, so that's a silly thing to nitpick at.  The Vita, on the other, requires proprietary memory cards that cost 4x as much as the SDHC cards compatible with Vita's direct competitor, the Nintendo 3DS.

Sony Vita 8 GB card = $29.80,  3DS compatible SDHC 8 GB card = $7.74 

Sony Vita 16 GB card = $39.99,  3DS compatible SDHC 16 GB card = $9.99

Sony Vita 32 GB card =  $59.00,  3DS compatible SDHC 32 GB card = $12.99

I mean, are you kidding me with those price differences?


I have a 200 GB Micro SD in my Vita, your argument is invalid! =P

Homebrew is awesome.

Anyway, I kinda missed it, how often are you allowed to vote? I just assumed one time per day is ok, but since I'm posting shit right now, I figured I just ask to be sure.

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