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Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said: 

If you don't want to make predictions for the game there is no reason to enter a thread that is specifically asking who will sell more (and that isn't a 2018 question).


Did you even read the title and the thread? I don't recall seeing LT sales in the message, just which will sell more. So I predicted which will sell more in 2018. Which is what I did. Don't like it than move on.

Have you read the OP? I'll give you what was asked by him:

"Therefor, which exclusive game do you think will perform better lifetime?   Sea of Thieves or God of War?  both games are set to be released in the spring. "

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

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