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F-Zero Switch: I've been waiting for a new F-Zero like forever. It's time and Switch is the perfect console for it.

Wave Race Switch: Basically the same here. Switch should enable decent enough water physics for a great Wave Race experience. And Wave Race always had another kind of atmosphere than all other water based racing games i've ever played.

The Adventures of Zelda: Basically a Breath of the Wild spin off. It's time for Zelda to get her own adventure. At least the Zelda we've seen at the end of BotW. Could even be a bit smaller in scale, though maybe more story driven. Zelda is a more fleshed out character than Link already, so more story driven wouldn't be bad.

Pikmin 4: Personally i don't need a reboot. Pikmin 4 should just be less easy than Pikmin 3, maybe have a coop option and a real online multiplayer.

Star Fox: No racing, a real Star Fox. I'd be fine with a Star Fox Zero done right. The Wii U game was outright crap except for a few portions.

New 'mature' IP: Actually i have some hope that Nintendo could do a different kind of 'mature' game than most companies do right now. Yes, something less violent. Something that actuelly surprises.

Gamecube classics: Gamecube had so many games that deserve a rerelease and with Gamecube titles on Nvidia Shield it's definitely time for Gamecube on Switch.

Metroid Prime Gameplay and Metroid: Samus Returns HD for Switch: I really liked Samus Returns, though i don't like playing on my old 3DS that much.