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Aeolus451 said:
weraru_1 said:

That doesn't make sense. Switch is selling just as well or slightly better as PS4 with launches aligned. PS4 gained momentum. Consoles never have their best years at launch. This is a bad comment.

You shouldn't be counting chickens before they hatch. We don't know what kind of legs the ns will have. It could turn out to ha ve better legs than the ps2 or it could fizzle out quicker than expected. Sony doesn't need to risk any resources on something that's still experimental and might not work for them (if sony tried it) when they could use those resources on ps4 games and ps5 dev/games.

He's saying just because the PS4 is selling more now, that means less people want the Switch. He's thinking a console 4 1/2 years into its life shouldn't be selling better and that means the NS isn't doing as well. That's wrong. Older consoles have far more momentum than brand new ones. The PS4 is selling better than itself at launch. Does that mean less people want a PS4 and more people want a PS4? How well the Switch does in the future doesn't matter here. The point is that the PS4's current sales numbers don't indicate that people don't want the Switch.

You know that thing when you uhhh...and then you...hmmm. But then you have to...umm, Yuh.