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1.) More Wii U Ports:

Bring them on! Super Mario 3D World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, I just want more of them. It makes too much sense to port every 1st party Nintendo title to Switch seeing that nobody really owned a Wii U. Put these games in lighter months where not much is going on. In particular, I would like Xenoblade Chronicles X to get a port announcement at E3.

2.) Reveal of Pokemon Switch:

I also want a Pokemon Switch update as well, if we don't get it real soon here.

3.) Reveal of Mario Party Switch:

I am quite a huge fan of Mario Party, had a ton of fun playing it with siblings and cousins and still do today. It would just be great if we got a true return to form with separate players and turns, creative and returning items that you can buy, star collecting, and themed boards from Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion, and so on. Mario Party could become one hell of an online experience as well. Seeing that NES games are getting online co op play with voice chat, I think it would be a missed opportunity not to do the same for Mario Party Switch. Bring in those Zany minigames, and Charm the Mario Party series is known for.

4.) Mario RPG Reveal:

I don't know which one it will be, Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi but I want a Mario RPG to show up in some form and be revealed. Even if it's just a few shots of Gameplay. The Mario RPGs are something special, and I hope they are able to make them more unique this time around.

5.) Luigi's Mansion Reveal:

What is Next Level's new project? It has to be Luigi's Mansion. It has been some time since Dark Moon was released, I hope Luigi's Mansion 3 is announced.

I'd also like to see what's going on with Metroid Prime 4, Dragon Quest XI Switch, Virtual Console/Online Service, and there has to be 1 wild card...Starfox Grand Prix.



Last edited by Ljink96 - on 16 May 2018