DonFerrari said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
I’d like to think those 13% voted SoT as a joke just to protest such a dumb comparison.

Could be. But some people on the thread put their reasons on why SoT would sell more and others why the reason it wouldn't is Game Pass.

oniyide said:

I would say half of that 13% was BSing and didnt really believe Sea would do better

That is possible, still we had some really defending it will.

Azzanation said:

Whats that got to do with my previous post? 

But ill anwser your post, yes GoW will out sell SoTs this year.

The thread isn't this year, so you think SoT LT will be higher? And that have to do with other posts and the thread subject instead of side talk on bashing one or another game.

We had like 2-3 people and one has already said that GOW will sell more