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GTA has 11 games which are GTA 1, 2, 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Advance, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, 4, Chinatown Wars and 5. So pick your favourites and tell us why you like them.

My picks:

1. GTA Vice City Stories - The best portable open world game I've ever played. The story is amazing and it has some emotional moments. Vice City in VCS is the best rendition of Vice City as it capitalises on the strengths of Vice City's atmosphere with neon lights and an amusement park. The gameplay is mechanically as good as San Andreas but without the RPG stat building and the soundtrack is one of the best in any game.

2. GTA 5 - Los Santos and San Andreas is a diverse and beautiful place. The gameplay is mechanically the best in the series and there are a host of options and stuff to do. Its a pretty game too and its fun to just roam around the highways of San Andreas and fly a plane. Its fun.

3. GTA San Andreas - San Andreas is a diverse and beautiful place. The story is good and the characters are the best in the series. This is where I became a gamer and its because it is so good that this became my preferred hobby.

Last edited by GOWTLOZ - on 15 May 2018