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Amazing idea zuzek ,Ill try to get as many as I can remember

Iron Man

1.Yensens final moment with Tony: This is what I feel what made Tony who he is today, this final "Dont waste it" quote really changes Tonys perspective and the scene itself is very well acted.

2."I am Iron Man": No words ,just badass

Captain America

1."I don't like Bullies": Another touching scene , this is just describing Caps whole character in 1 line, amazing!


1.Thor fails to lift the hammer: This is a very well donr scene, and one of the few scenes I like in this movie.

The Avengers

1."we have a Hulk": Best.Threat.Ever

Iron Man 3

1.Tonys ending speech for the movie

2,All the suits arriving for the final battle

3.Tonys interactions with the kid.

Cap 2

same as Zuzek ,"Youre my mission" is a very powerful moment


1."We're the Guardians of the Galaxy bitch" : Amazing line in a very powerful moment , just shows how far Quill and the others have come.

2."We  are Groot"

Thor 2

1.Lokis anguish over his mothers death: For the first time we see Loki care for someone other than himself and its just a heartbreaking moment.


1. Vision lifts the Hammer
2.Tonys Nightmare
3.Hawkeyes "I have a bow and arrow" speech

Cap :CW

1.Tony sees the accident footage
2.Buckys "I remeber all of them " and " But I did it" lines

Doctor strange

1.The first astral projection scene
2.The ancient ones final moments
3."Ive come to bargain"

Guardians 2

1.groots dance
2."welcome to the frikin guardians of the galaxy"
3."He may have been your father boy, but he wasnt your daddy"
4.The Ravager funeral

Spiderman Homecoming

1.Peter and Tonys talk after the ferry accident
2.Peter lifts the pillars
3. that vulture twist

Thor Ragnarok

1.Thor gets complete control of his powers
2.the intro

Black Panther

1.Killmongers vision where he meets his father during the ritual
2.The sunset scene


1.Thor holds the iris open and Groot cuts his hand
2.Thors entrance to wakanda
3."Time to be the Captain"
4."Get lost squidward"
5."I dont feel so good"

6."I Hope they remember you"

7.Thanos kills Gamora

Thats not all of 'em but this is good enough I guess.

Last edited by AnmolRed - on 14 May 2018