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GProgrammer said:
sc94597 said:

This statement (as it is) is false. 

If you modified your statement with one word, it might be true. 

Did you read the article?

Doom 2016's Switch port - and indeed the upcoming Wolfenstein 2 conversion - have taken a lot of grief from users unhappy with resolution reductions, frame-rate hits and obvious downgrades in the visual feature set.

I have read the article. The article points out the to the game having issues regarding lower resolution and unstable frame rates in demanding areas and it details a patch that somewhat improves performance. However, the reactions to the article for the most part and the article itself do not indicate that users are unhappy with the game; most seem to be pleased that there is a portable playable version of the game. In addition, it does not change the fact that this is a current generation game available on a current generation system.

I think many of the disparaging voices against Switch forget that this is a device that has to take portability into account, and we are never going to get a portable system that is going to be as powerful as its stationary counterparts (and this not only applies to video game systems, but pretty much all other computing devices). Nevertheless, portability is a convenience for many and even necessary for some. This is not too different to home consoles in relation to PCs and Arcades. There are plenty of games on current gen stationary systems that have performance issues compared to mid-range or high-end PCs, and yet there is a substantial market for stationary consoles (not to mention the base stationary systems remain the top selling options compared to the more expensive mid-generation upgrades). Moreover, there was a point when gamers left the arcades and opted for stationary home systems despite the arcades offering much better performance and graphical fidelity in many games. In both cases a market for stationary home consoles proved to be viable, even though they were far from the best option for those seeking graphics and performance, because of convenience. This is not too different from why people like gaming on portable devices like Switch and why these people wouldn't mind having a portable PS4 (even if, much like stationary systems compared to things like arcades and PCs, there are some trade offs in terms of visual fidelity and performance).