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numberwang said:
Not now, because X86 was never intended for low-power mobile unlike ARM in the switch. Wait two or so generations for this to become feasible.

x86 isn't the same x86 from 30 years ago. It most certainly can go low-power and compete with ARM.
Intel actually had a ton of success with Medfield to that end... And AMD was getting there with Brazos.

shikamaru317 said:

I definitely believe it would be possible by late 2019. If I'm not mistaken, AMD is releasing the successor to Raven Ridge in 2019, their mobile APU line. You'd be looking at a low power APU (the current Raven Ridge APU's range between 12 and 25 watts) with Ryzen 2 CPU cores and Navi GPU cores. Then all Sony would have to do is underclock it or disable some cores to reduce power consumption so they could use desktop GDDR5 instead of LPDDR4, and make it larger than Switch so it could have a bigger battery, and they'd have a system comfortably able to play PS4's library (after patching) at reduced resolutions with good battery life.

Well. Digital Foundry was technically incorrect when they said AMD doesn't really have the core technology to build a low powered design.
So quick are people to forget that Adreno was born from AMD's efforts and sold to Qualcomm and AMD still holds a ton of patents to that end. (Re-arrange the letters of Adreno and you get Radeon.)

nemo37 said:
With that being said, I don't think the PS4's architecture would really scale down well into something portable, not even in the future as process nodes shrink (look at Switch, it is using a completely different architecture as opposed to taking what was in the Xbox 360 and PS3 and trying to shrink it). However, we could see new SOC architectures in the future that are designed for mobility but are as powerful as a base PS4 (in fact, it is mostly a matter of "when" as opposed to an "if"; the Switch in handheld mode is about as powerful as PS3 and Xbox 360 and its SOC came out about 10 years after those systems were released).

Well. The difference between the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 is... The Playstation 4 has newer CPU/GPU designs which are lower powered and on the market.
You never had an ultra low powered mobile iteration of Cell.

You do not need to replace the chips with identical versions either, it is perfectly okay to use completely different chips... Just as long as they are backwards compatible from an ISA and performance standpoint.

KBG29 said:

Apparently very few can see Raven Ridge, and even some who do refuse to acknowledge its exsistance. I was very shocked that Mr. Leadbetter did not bring up this possability, and even more so when he claimed AMD lacks the core technology to make it happen.

Indeed. I think that was a pretty ignorant statement on their behalf.
Raven Ridge has show how capable it really is.

"7nm" will be a big improvement to that end as well.

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