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It's E3 time and hype is rampant, as days go by and we get closer to June I can't help but to feel excited about what's to come for the gaming industry, there's A LOT of games that are going to be shown that are already announced. But there couldn't be an E3 without surprises and you know what that means: unannounced games !

Specifically I want to talk something similar to what many considered the biggest surprise of E3 2017: Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Albeit being leaked months in advance the game was one of the most surprising of last year's conference due to how weird of a crossover it was and how good it was despite featuring characters from very different worlds. That's what I'd like to see more of from Nintendo since Switch's hardware doesn't allow it to get all third party titles, and what better company could serve to such a crossover than EA who pushes for graphically intense games and has had one of the mildest supports towards Switch. 

To me this is a very unlikely scenario but I think there's a few reasons why it could work out: EA has gone through one of their worst PR downfalls in recent memory, they need to rise in some way, Anthem and EA Originals won't be enough to do so, they need a good game, a really good one and, since they are EA, it must be a profitable one! That's where Nintendo comes in, a crossover with one of Nintendo's biggest IPs (I'd say either Mario, Zelda or Kirby) would do much to clean their reputation, especially if said game didn't feature microtransactions. 

So now you might be wondering "what kind of crossover are you speaking of? I don't want to see Mario playing football if it isn't Mario Strikers !" and to that I answer: a crossover with a game that is already a crossover, I'm talking about Plants vs. Zombies.Specifically I think Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is the perfect game for a wacky crossover with Nintendo that features characters from their IPs. We've already seen Mario holding a blaster in M+R, the floodgates are open, Zelda would make for a more fantasy-esque crossover while Kirby would probably implement really cool weapons.

What do you think, would you be interested in a PvZ:GW x Nintendo crossover ? Do you think EA could make ANY game collaborating with Nintendo, making it a console exclusive ? What are your ideas for a EA x Nintendo crossover ?