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TabloidJunkie said:
1. Dangerous/History (Michael Jackson)
2. Appetitie for Destruction/Use your Illusion II (GNR)
3. The Number of the Beast/Powerslave (Iron Maiden)
4. Use your Illusion I/ GNR Live/ Chinese Democracy (GNR)
5. Invincible, Bad, Thriller (Michael Jackson)
6. News of the World (Queen)
7. Off the Wall (Michael Jackson)
8. Abbey Road (The Beatles)
9. Vessel/Blurry Face (TØP)
10. Blue Album (Lukas Graham)

First of all, WOW! Was not expecting to find a HUGE MJ fan here but your list blew my mind. Even better, YES, Dangerous was his greatest musical achievement. Should have done better than it did had it only came out one year earlier (1990) before Nirvana'a Nevermind changed the music scene (1991) and knocked Dangerous off the charts. 

Anyway, before I posted my list I scrolled around to see if I'd find someone that places an MJ record at #1 haha.

This is tough, but I'll give it a try (also, gonna try to limit my choices by artist as my musical tastes are quite open-minded and to be honest...I only consider very few albums to be truly worthy of any list. Gonna just include one's that truly made an impact on me. Many artists nowadays are incapable of making great albums.) I LOVE many artists and a ***T-ton of songs, but very few albums. There are many albums that have just one or two MASTERFUL songs but I cannot include them for just two songs etc. So yeah...this is tough. 

1] DANGEROUS|Michael Jackson

2] ENIGMA|Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits 

3] KATATONIA|The Fall of Hearts

4| OPETH| Blackwater Park

5] NIRVANA|Nevermind

6] ACE OF BASE| The Sign

7| ULVER| The Assasination of Julius Caesar

8| NIRVANA| In Utero


10| DELERIUM| Karma


And yeah, greatest hits SHOULD count as the RIAA includes them in their top selling albums lists. For example: The Eagles' greatest hits is their best selling album and the 2nd best selling album of all-time.