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Zkuq said:
Could some moderator move this to the music section of the forums? Since there is one, might as well, right?


Sorry guys!

And as expected, Stairway is winning. Ah well, I didn't grow up on Zepp so I just don't really get their music. I know it doesn't suck for sure it's just not my thing I guess. It's one of those things where I try to get into it but I just can't. Also, for me, Axl has one of the greatest voices in rock so it enhances already the sounds that I prefer in GnR's music. 

Also, out of the 70's bands Zepp is my LEAST fav. I absolutely LOVE The Doors, Pink Floyd and The Beatles and stuff like that. And here's the weird thing. I don't hate Zepp, I just don't listen to them unless I hear it somewhere. And when I do, I don't get annoyed by it I'm just not like OMG it's ZEPP playing like I do with some of the other bands. I'm weird.