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haxxiy said:

TL, DR: tourism is bad for nature and your health, and importing PlayStations from China even more so. Buy locally and sell locally whenever you can, and travel on light vehicles.

Aren't all home consoles and handhelds imported from china because they are all manufactured at FoxConn & Co.? How to avoid this by buying a locally produced console (which would again have dozens (or even hundreds) of necessary components shipped around the world.

And why is importing a home console even more bad for nature than tourism? I'm pretty sure that a gamer spending his vacation at home playing video games has a much smaller carbon footprint than someone going on vacation that time.

P.S.: Also avoid huge shipping costs.

P.P.S.: Which you can by buying digital games instead of retail games. Digital game distribution is much better for the environment than producing Blu-rays/modules + game cases and ship them around the world.

Last edited by Conina - on 10 May 2018