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WolfpackN64 said:
Had a OnePlus One, went back to a feature phone (an Alcatel flip phone, not the most sophisticated thing but I already had it as bacjup phone).

I miss nothing. No immediate pestering, no constant urge to look things up, improved navigational skills (if you can't use Google Maps for everything, you'll learn how to navigate around), no loss of concentration.

If people want to reach me, they can call and text me. There is no other messaging platform that is necessary so I don't care about anything else.

What immediate pestering? You can freely choose the apps you want to use and notifications are optional.

Your constant urge to look things up seems to be a personal problem. The device is only a tool that allows you to look things up, it doesn't enforce that behavior.

You aren't forced to use Google Maps for every trip. Of course you can plan the route and memorize it in advance. Or drive in the general direction and follow the street signs. But it is great to have a navigational device with you as a safety net in case you get lost... in the past you had a few maps with you or had to annoy other people asking for directions.

And why do you lose concentration by carrying a smartphone?

It is also a bit egocentric that you decide which are proper ways of communications between you and your friends/colleagues/family. So the rest of the people has adapt to you. It is much easier to write something in a group chat where every participant can read it than to write every recipient a separate text message. Or to set up a group date with the Doodle app. Again, it is your choice which apps you use or don't use, but don't be disappointed if you are left out now and then.

Last edited by Conina - on 10 May 2018