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captain carot said:

Funny thing is, if Trump is pulling back from that 'deal', then why should he give a damn shit about any treaty with North Korea.

Iran was heavily controlled by the IAEA, no signs they're working on nukes.

Nevertheless, the U.S. will very likely be able to sell even more ewapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia because the whole situation has become way more dangerous now.

Isn't it obvious? Because he wants a deal on his own terms. Trump did not negotiate the Iran deal so he wants it gone and he will give a shit about a deal with NK for the same reasons cause he's the one going for it and it's not some deal negotiated by his predecessors.

To be clear I'm neither defending nor attacking Trump here I'm just explaining why he will give a shit about a North Korea deal and even a deal with Iran if Iran agreed to make a new deal with Trump.

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 09 May 2018