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method114 said:
John2290 said:

Damn, I don't know how anyone could rush past those graphics. I spent more hours with graphical wander lust and in photo mode, doing side content along the way than I did playing the main game. 

Whenever I play a game with a really good story (which I felt this had) I always rush through it because I'm so desperate to see how it all plays out. On this play through I'm doing exactly what your talking about just enjoying the beaut,y getting lost in the world ,and side tracked from random stuff I find a long the way. Still blows me away how good this game looks. 


Fighting against stormbirds is also very enjoyable and challenging. It's also a very impressive machine to look at (in photo mode), since it will crush you if you stand still too long. Anyway if you want too take some good shots in photo mode, you can't do much wrong when fighting the majestic storm bird.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar