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fauzman said:
John2290 said:

Damn, I don't know how anyone could rush past those graphics. I spent more hours with graphical wander lust and in photo mode, doing side content along the way than I did playing the main game. 

I agree. I apent 70+ hrs completing the game, doing the side missions and platinuming it. In fact i enjoyed the game more than UC4. 

I would say I feel the same way, and I consider myself a big UC fan.

Horizon has such an original plot(when you really dig into the nitty gritty of it all). I also LOVE the way they made every collectible feel important. Every one of them feels like a small glimpse into the past, fleshing out lore and setting. This really made me wish UC4 collectibles were more like that. This seems to be an aspect they noticed by UC Lost Legacy.

Horizon's subtle advancements go widely unnoticed by many who see it I think. The fluidity of it's combat, it's story progression. I hear it's side missions get dismissed as fetch quest and "not as good as Witcher" but I think that is an unfair assessment. While NPCs are definitely more emotive in Witcher, the side quests of Horizon are just as world building. Not to mention the way they draw you to certain key points is a good flow. Doing the side quests give you insight into the current world of technological advancement and ignorance of what they are using.




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