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Faelco said:
thismeintiel said: 

Exactly.  And the only reason Avatar did as well as it did was because of special effects/new 3D hype.  That's what the movie was pushed on.  There's a reason SW is an iconic series with characters that are this well known, while no one even talks about Avatar in general discussion.  No one knows the characters' names.  Or quotes lines from the film.  No one is scrambling to dress up like a Navi for Halloween.  Speaking of Navi, I would bet that only half the people who watched the movie even remember that's the name of the alien race in the film.  That film is only talked about when speaking about how much it made.

Yes. As an example all 6 members of my family went to see Avatar at least once each. But I'm sure that none of us will go see Avatar 2. I'm the only one knowing that there will be an Avatar 2, the others don't care at all anyway. It was amazing to see 3D for the first time and it was a great technical demo. But the movie itself has never been considered a great movie, just a live 3D version of Space Pocahontas...

Yep. And that's not even taking into account that the sequel is a decade too late. Which makes me wonder why Cameron believes he can finish out the rest of his life making Avatar movies. He and the movie studios are in for a big shock when the sequel comes out. I think it may cross $1B just on curiosity. But, it's going to do, at most, half of what the first one did. And unless it is some kind of masterpiece, the following sequels will continue to do less.