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mZuzek said:
Yeah, I wanted to talk about this movie.

This isn't what I wanted.

I'm surprised at how little this film is being discussed around here, considering what it is. The box office numbers aren't surprising at all (even if they are still damn impressive), but what is is the movie itself. Besides being surprisingly great, which will only help it in the long run at the box office, it was you know, just... surprising. So, yeah. Carry on.

Hey, feel free to go off of topic a little. Not going to piss me off any. And I agree, it was great. Personally, I think it's Marvel's best. 

Mr.Playstation said:
I really hope it beats Star Wars: TFA but I also see it slowing down a lot from this weekend onwards. Deadpool 2 is coming out May 18th and then Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out a week later. Solo should manage at least 1 billion WW (Though I assume it will be the lowest grossing of the new star wars movies) and if the reviews and word of mouth of Deadpool 2 are as good as the original it will come close to 1 billion WW as well.

Already two movies at 1 Billion+ WW. I wonder how many we'll have by the end of the year. So far the highest was 5 back in 2015.

Deadpool 2 might surprise, but I personally see it doing less than the 1st. Not much less, of course, but I think the novelty of a Deadpool movie done right has faded somewhat. As for Solo, I don't see it hitting $1B. Not after TLJ, which caused many to lose interest in the new series. There's also all the negative things that went on behind the scenes looming over its head. We'll see, though. 

Angelus said:
Personally, I doubt it will end up quite as high as people think. The whole movie one such massive spoiler fest, I'm inclined to believe everyone was just trying to see it as quickly as possible for fear having too many moments ruined for them if they decided to wait. I'd look for it to fall off quite heavily in not too long.

It's already at $1.164B in less than two weeks, so it's still got at least 4-6 good weekends left, plus China. Where do you think it will end up?