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I've been following the BO of Avengers and have seen some interesting things. 


First for the "bad."  While IW just had the largest DBO opening ever, it's become very clear that it will not be taking the #1 spot from SW:TFA, which sits pretty at $936.66M.  IW did start out ~$10M ahead of it after opening weekend, but can't compete with the weekday numbers and has fallen $70.42M behind it in just 5 days.  On the plus side, it will become the #1 superhero movie of all time, taking both that title and #3 from the Black Panther. It is currently outperforming BP by 15.3%.  BP will finish its DBO run with ~$700M, so if IW's performance continues it will end with ~$807M.  This would also give it the #2 spot on all time DBO takes.


This is where IW is trouncing TFA, at least for now.  After TFA's 2nd weekend, it was at ~$546M at the FBO.  As of this Fri, IW was at ~$604.8M, a difference of ~$59M.  And it has two more days in its 2nd weekend, so the gap will more than make up for the DBO gap.  China will also make a big difference.  While TFA did a respectable $124.16M, IW should, at the very least, come close to matching Avengers:AOU's $240.11M.  I think IW has a good shot at doing $1.3B-$1.35B, just at the FBO.


So, while I think it is very clear that IW will fall ~$130M-$160M below TFA's DBO, I think the FBO will more than make up for it, pushing its final WW BO to ~$2.08B-$2.16B.  This would allow it to either take #2 from Titanic or #3 from TFA in the all time WW BO.


BO = Box Office, DBO = Domestic Box Office, FBO = Foreign Box Office 

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 06 May 2018