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Megaoverlord12 said:
LMU Uncle Alfred said:
Metroid Prime 1....why oh why did I do that a decade plus ago. I had MP2 at the time and back then I had this idea that I always need to have completely different games from each other. At the time I also felt MP2 was better then MP1. Now the opposite, but I still really like MP2 as well.

I had the same thought process with KH1 and KH2. I had KH2, so why keep KH1? :/

Did you at least get around to getting Prime Trilogy and/or KH 1.5/2.5?

I do have the MP Trilogy on Wii U.  Played MP3 long before that.  I'm playing through KH2.5 now and recently beat all 3 stories for BBS.  Doing a playthrough of KH2 now and I think I see some new cut scenes which is sweet!

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