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Qwark said:
StarDoor said:

I only started counting which company sold more in a given fiscal year when PlayStation launched in FY3/1995.

Fair enough I just found it odd sales prior to that year are included in the table. Anyway its pretty funny to see how Nintendo has won way more years since PS launched, but the numbers are still relatively close. Nintendo will probably win the next few years though.

Those years are included because they still count toward Nintendo's total console sales. A year ago, there were threads celebrating Nintendo reaching 700 million consoles and Sony reaching 500 million consoles. Because of that, somebody else made a thread asking when Sony would pass Nintendo, and I made this thread in response.

In any case, Nintendo having 10 more wins than Sony is pretty close to what one would expect based on probability. The average gap is 3.06 million units in Nintendo's favor, with a standard deviation of 8.76 million. If you plug those numbers into a normal distribution, Sony should win 36.3% of the time versus the reality of them winning 29.2% of the time.