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Ljink96 said:
Holy crap, somebody who remembers E.V.O. Search for Eden, wow. I second that, I'd love to see a fresh new take on it. It does things that games today still don't do. The evolution aspect was superb and I'd like to see it replicated as well.

A full 3D Fighter like Bushido Blade would be nice as well, especially with the controls in game design we have today.

Personally, I'd like to see more Mario Party clones because well, Nintendo isn't going to make a good one anytime soon.

Evolution games are so incredibly rare in any variety, it is kind of silly so few developers even approach the theme, given how life on Earth revolves around evolution.

Bushido Blade is ironically the most realistic fighter ever made basically, with how many developers focus on rralism, they sure have been diligent in never crossing that into fighting games unless it is boxing for some reason (which is not as interesting as realism with weapon based fighting).

Good call on Mario Party, It is weird that a lot of these examples are not unknown or anything and yet developers that clone so many of common game genres never thing to do under-served stuff like Mario Party that sells well and isn't that extravagant of a game design.

I think it is a human thing to create what is commonly created even with quality reference work that would be more stand out.

In many ways, I think that is why big first party games that launch with a console direct the genre/developer trends on a platform so much.

A high quality, well designed, big selling, first party game proves an audience is on a platform and third party developer follow that lead.

Like how Super Mario Bros. led to many third party developers doing 2d platforming games on NES, Halo pushed a lot of developers to make FPS on OG Xbox, etc.